Performance Monitoring & Visualization

Monitor and visualize your performance across the energy value chain.  

What if you could see how your complete portfolio and assets are performing across the energy value chain? What if you had access to an easy-to-use web-based tool that allowed you to set and enter targets, visualize the monetized value of closing your gaps, and see your KPIs on an ongoing basis?

Our clients asked for more insight and to connect our benchmarking data with new modern tools to monitor and visualize their performance. Our new Enterprise Portfolio and Performance Profile web-based solutions deliver on our promise to provide more actionable insight than ever before.

Enterprise Portfolio

With the new Enterprise Portfolio solution, you have access to an enterprise-level view of performance across your portfolio, from upstream to downstream. Set targets and see the monetized value of the opportunities that exist to close performance gaps. 

Performance Profile

With the new Performance Profile visualization and KPI monitoring solution, you can easily monitor and visualize asset-level performance and metrics on an ongoing basis to help measure the progress of your performance improvement efforts.


These solutions leverage APIs to map your data directly to our Data Collection Engine. In turn, you have the ability to calculate key Solomon metrics, along with many others, at the individual unit level.

Each solution is flexible, allowing you to start with a narrow set of KPIs or metrics if you prefer. These new solutions can augment or replace your existing high-level tracking and monitoring systems. Why trust anyone else to measure and track the metrics that you already rely on Solomon to deliver? With these solutions, you have access to more tools that provide insight from our vast database of operational performance metrics.

Visualize the monetized value of your operational performance gaps and track your Solomon and custom KPIs on an ongoing basis.


Objective asset evaluation using real data from:

  • Petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Pipelines and terminals
  • Power generation facilities
  • Onshore/offshore production facilities
  • Gas processing and LNG plants
  • NGL fractionation plants

Flexible Delivery

How to start leveraging these new business tools:

  • Select a narrow set of KPIs to start.
  • Visualize your KPIs and see the monetized gaps.
  • Use our APIs to map the essential data to our automated data collection and workflow engine.
  • Use these tools to enable data-driven decisions.
  • We work alongside you to implement the mapping, set the right targets, and gain continuous insight into your ongoing asset performance.
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As part of our strategic improvement and asset optimization strategy we are implementing the Enterprise Portfolio solution encompassing 80 assets across 7 business segments. A web-based dashboard shows monthly/quarterly KPIs in trend charts through globally recognized Solomon performance metrics and monetized gaps based on targets. Large IOC and top 10 global O&G producer