Data Collection Automation

Enable a new class of web-based tools with data collection automation.

Using an application programming interface (API) or set of APIs to connect your data sources to the Solomon Data Collection Engine enables access to a rich set of new web-based tools. With automation in place, you will be able to visualize key Solomon metrics, along with many others, on an ongoing basis at the portfolio or individual asset level.

Solomon’s new Enterprise Portfolio and Performance profile solutions give you the flexibility to start with a narrow set of KPIs, typically those that you care most about. The solutions can augment your existing high-level tracking and monitoring systems to focus on peer performance comparisons and gaps. Why trust anyone else to measure and track the metrics that you already rely on Solomon to deliver? 

Taking advantage of Solomon’s Data Collection Automation will also shorten part of the data collection process required for our benchmarking studies based on the data collection you choose to automate. 

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Data Collection Automation enables:

  • Access to rich web-based tools that allow you to track your most important KPIs on an ongoing basis.
  • Rich functionality to allow you to monitor and visualize your performance across the entire energy value chain.
  • New data mining and visualization tools.
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