Our New Brand — Action from Insight

Why We Rebranded

The success of any company depends on being responsive to client needs and being willing to look deeply and thoughtfully for areas of improvement. We challenge our clients to change and saw the need to make some changes ourselves.

You Asked Us for More

Over our 40-year history clients have trusted us to benchmark their operations against their peers and identify performance gaps. We appreciate the support and confidence that clients give us through their ongoing participation in our benchmarking studies.    

In surveying our clients, the majority asked Solomon to provide more. More services to help close economic and operational gaps to improve performance. More interactive tools to help mine the rich Solomon database. More help tracking performance, and more help with forward looking insight.  While benchmarking remains the foundation of what we do, our clients asked us for more, so we responded.

We Are Delivering

We are expanding our capabilities to engage our clients beyond benchmarking, with deeper, actionable insight, expanded advisory services, forecasting, and data-driven support. We are also delivering new online tools that leverage our vast database of performance metrics to support your strategies, lower risk and increase profits.

As we accelerate our transformation to better enable your success, we want to make it obvious that we changed, thus our rebranding, to match our renewed and expanded commitment to deliver more actionable insight along with new and improved solutions. Below are some of the ways that Enable Your Success, beyond benchmarking.

A new logo and a new color — Reflecting energy, movement, and growth. And a new message — “Action from Insight.” It’s what we deliver, and it’s how we enable your success now more than ever. Welcome to the new Solomon.

            Action from Insight®