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Power & Utilities
Reliability & Maintenance
Asset Management Lessons that Upstream Exploration and Production (E&P) Companies Can Learn from the Downstream Sector
RAM Performance is the Differentiator
Controlling Maintenance Expenses—A Refiner’s Opportunity During the Return to the “New Normality”
Upstream Projects Urgently Require Optimized OpEx Lifecycle Forecasts
Refiners Turn to Digital Initiatives to Drive Refinery Improvements
How to Achieve Top Refinery Performance Amid a Global Pandemic and Low Refining Margins
Power Industry M&A Activity: Improving Asset Valuation & Mitigating Risk
How Power Plant Operators Can Combine Data in New Ways to Make More Informed Decisions
Upstream Operators Seek to Weather Unprecedented Times Balance Cost Cutting with Operational Improvements
Operational Excellence Relevant to Ensure Sustainable Permian Operations
Permian Basin: Hidden Costs – Opportunities Identified with Comparative Performance Analysis
Finding the Value in Upstream and Midstream Fired Driver Operations
Power Generation Operators Face Challenge in Optimizing Maintenance Spending, Plant Availability
Generating Power in a Competitive Market - What Cost Do You Use to Dispatch Your Unit?
Worker Response to Abnormal Conditions Creates Enormous Impact on Organizational Reliability
Refiners Should Focus on Both Operational & Mechanical Phases of Turnarounds to Reduce Downtime
Overcoming Obstacles to Improve Energy Efficiency in Refining
Permian Basin Operational Efficiency
Life After Drilling: The Permian Basin’s Next 20 Years
Finding the Hidden Value in Your Cogeneration (Cogen) Plant
The Case for Improved OpEx Planning in Upstream Projects
Cost Focus vs Reliability Focus: Which Road Should You Take?
Reliability Can’t Be Achieved with Targeted Spending Alone
Reliability - How Industry Leaders Take Advantage of this Often-Overlooked Improvement Opportunity
What’s New in the 2018 Fuels and Lubes Studies
The “How” of Solomon’s RAM Study
Portfolio Sustainability Analysis
Refineries with the Most Improved Energy Performance Worldwide
Spending Ratio Analysis Insights
Q1 Day 1™ for Reaching Construction and Expansion Objectives
Performance Excellence Process: Closing the Gap
What’s Trending in the Olefin Industry?
Achieving World’s Best Refinery Status
Cost of Transportation Fuels - Understanding Refinery Survivability
External Benchmarking for the Global Energy Industry