Oil & Gas Carbon Emissions Dashboard

Oil & Gas Carbon Intensity—What is the Risk in Your Portfolio?

Normalized carbon emissions (COe) data are needed for accurate, consistent, and auditable comparisons to reduce emissions in an Oil & Gas (O&G) asset portfolio. Solomon’s subscription-based digital solution dashboard represents 99% of global O&G exploration and production CO2e emissions. Consulting services are also available to help you evaluate your portfolio’s risk under various energy transition scenarios.

Evaluate the risk in your portfolio.

How do you know your portfolio’s climate risk, unless you fully estimate its emissions?

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With the evolving regulations and strategies around carbon emissions, Solomon insight delivers answers around where to insure, invest in, or loan money. So you can make the right strategic business decisions. Approximately 33,200 assets are included in the 2022 update.


  • Strengthen your strategic insights around your carbon emissions portfolio
  • Estimate your portfolio's carbon emissions to properly evaluate risk
  • Analyze emissions by country, field and basin using a Global database


  • Emissions calculation process was created to be transparent, reproducible, and auditable
  • Results accuracy can be validated through a third party
  • Includes both US and International Carbon Emissions Dashboard options
  • SaaS subscription-based access

The reputation of Solomon’s metrics and comparative methodologies in the energy industry prompted the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to designate Solomon’s Energy Intensity Index™ (EII®) metric as the standard to certify US petroleum refineries for energy efficiency under the EPA’s and US Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® program.

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What's Included

  • Well-2-Wheel life-cycle carbon emissions analysis (Step 1, 2, 3)
  • Industry asset-level and enterprise-level database

Gain a comprehensive view of worldwide Oil & Gas emissions with regional and operator drill-downs.

Build charts and graphs or export data into your own visualization platforms.

Plan for the future with forecasting options.

HSB Solomon Associates LLC O&G CO2e Dashboard

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Solomon partnered with Munich Re to develop a methodology to calculate Munich Re’s insurance portfolio CO2e emissions using public data and open-source models. This methodology enabled Munich Re to set an emissions baseline and calculate progress towards their goal of reducing portfolio emissions by 5% by 2025 (Munich Re Sustainability Report 2021, pgs. 60 and 62).

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