Strategy & Energy Forecasting

Powerful data, analytical, and projection capability delivers insight and enables better decision-making.

This analysis focuses on capacity, operations, technology, economics, markets, logistics, and regulatory factors. The data-driven insight helps guide your future operation, growth, and competitiveness. Solomon enhances its overall capability by acquiring EnSys Energy’s World Oil Refining Logistics and Demand (WORLD) Model®, Project/Technology databases, and North American Logistics Review and Crude Flows services.

Solomon will use its proprietary Comparative Performance Analysis™ databases to enhance WORLD Model capabilities. The combination of Solomon’s benchmarking methodologies, the EnSys databases, the WORLD Model, and Solomon’s deep consulting experience and knowledge of the energy industry will provide clients unparalleled strategic support and analysis services. This new level of capability and insight will help governments, industry associations, and companies navigate the challenging future facing the energy industry.

Application examples:

  • Regional refining throughputs/utilizations, capacity additions/investments (longer term horizons)
  • Inter-regional crude/non-crudes/products trade flows
  • Crude and product “supply costs” (prices) by region
  • Hence refining crack spreads/margins
  • Refinery CO₂ emissions

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WORLD Model®

The global model:

  • Delivers an integrated model (LP) of the global total “liquids” refining and supply system.
  • Uses “top-down” outlooks from EIA, IEA, etc. versus projecting world oil price/supply/demand.
  • Matches/tunes “bottom-up” detail to “top-down” outlook.
  • Simulates how the global refining/trade system is likely to operate under the given outlook.
  • Efficiently and rapidly addresses multiple time horizons and scenarios.
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