LNG Capital Investment Analysis (LNG Q1 Day 1™)

Enhance start-up and operations readiness for new LNG project expansions. Mitigate risk.

Large investments in LNG operations necessarily place significant focus on budget and scheduling. In contrast, future operations can be based on overly optimistic assumptions and could equally benefit from sharp focus. To ensure best-in-class performance of your LNG complex, an independent, fact-based analysis compared against top-performing competitors can generate valuable insight. After decades of benchmarking the energy industry, Solomon knows what good looks like in key operational areas. Often recognized for quality and trusted benchmarking assets from Upstream to Downstream, including operating LNG facilities, Solomon brings significant insight that can help improve operational performance in new LNG projects and expansions.

Our Approach

Solomon's Capital Investment Analysis (Q1 Day 1™) solution applies our proven Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™) methodology and proprietary industry databases to evaluate the expected performance of LNG capital projects during all phases of the project. Results identify areas to enhance and optimize the design, operational strategies, cost structures, and net cash margin of your investment.

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Leverage our extensive proprietary database of operational performance information and


recent engagements in refining, chemicals, polymers, LNG, gas processing, pipelines, terminals, power generation, and integrated operations.

Benefit from Solomon's 40 years of operational performance benchmarking experience:

  • Understand competitor performance.
  • Evaluate the market and business impacts.
  • Optimize energy and yield performance.
  • Augment cost structure and budget planning.
  • Enhance staffing plans to support start-up and establish stable operations.
  • Improve new asset reliability and utilization.
  • Increase your bottom line/net cash margin.
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