Power & Utilities

Maximize your power plant or utilities performance and optimize costs or human resources, with data-driven insights combined with real-world expert advice that you can trust.

In the power generation industry, you never seem to have enough resources to address all your needs. At the same time, your competitive market is constantly evolving. Our deep advisory expertise in the power sector, proven benchmarking methodologies and decades of analytics using proprietary performance data can help.

We assess your plant performance against peers using indicators for commercial performance, heat rate/thermal efficiency, human resource utilization, and cost performance with deeper diagnostics in each area. We then identify performance gap opportunities and areas to potentially optimize such as reliability and maintenance.  Automated data collection and new digital tools help you visualize KPIs and monetized performance gaps on an ongoing basis enabling you to track progress towards your targets.  

Go from Benchmarking to Performance Excellence


Collect & Verify Data
Data Quality & Review
Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Performance Excellence

Deeper Analysis & Insight
Action Plan
Implement & Monitor

Enabling Your Success

  • Identify performance gaps with peers using the most trusted benchmarking database and methodology in the industry.
  • Gain actionable insight from experts that understand your business.
  • Receive target-setting and gap-closure assistance, plus performance improvement, sustainability, and forecasting support.
  • Access new online tools that leverage our historical, proprietary databases in new ways.
  • Track targets, KPIs, and monetized performance gaps on an ongoing basis.
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Action Planning Workshop

Solomon’s benchmarking studies uncover valuable information and opportunities to improve. Identify and prioritize your next steps to close gaps and enhance results. Go beyond benchmarking.

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