Refining Benchmarking

Using patented methodologies and extensive industry experience, we identify what drives sustainable high performance.

Comparing asset performance against industry peers is essential for identifying and developing effective “data-driven” tactical and strategic plans to keep your refinery competitive in the years ahead. Solomon’s refining studies are designed to do just that—provide a competitive perspective and detailed gap analyses that help identify potential opportunities for efficiency improvement across all areas of operation.

The refining industry is facing greater competitive pressures in a marketplace increasingly dominated by large, new refineries that enjoy both economies of scale and the benefits of modern technology. The days of advantages afforded by “protected” and/or “niche” markets are quickly disappearing as historical barriers related to the cost of market access quickly fall.

To survive, refineries must continually work to improve performance in reliability, margin generation, and operating expense control. Refiners that maintain safety, improve efficiency, minimize costs, and maximize utilization will be rewarded with increased profits. Data-driven, objective insight is critical to your success.

Once we deliver your study results, we’re ready to walk you through the next steps of setting realistic targets to close performance gaps, monitor KPIs monthly, and improve performance.

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of the world’s refining capacity relies on

Solomon’s Fuels Study for performance

improvement insight – year after year.

How Do You Compare?

Learn how your refinery compares in terms of:

  • Reliability
  • Equipment utilization
  • Operating expenses
  • Gross margin
  • Overall performance range

Start your journey to performance excellence with the data and insight needed to support your decisions.

Action Planning Workshop

Solomon’s benchmarking studies uncover valuable information and opportunities to improve. Identify and prioritize your next steps to close gaps and enhance results. Go beyond benchmarking.

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Data Quality, Benchmarking Methodology

A Foundation for Effective Comparative Performance Analysis and Decision Support

We prioritize the integrity and confidentiality of participant-submitted data and rigorously review that data before benchmarking begins. Then, we employ our normalization process and benchmarking methodology to provide valuable and trusted peer group comparisons that deliver meaningful KPIs. Finally, our staff of senior consultants apply their deep industry experience to develop practical insight and recommendations to enable your success.

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