Most Improved Refineries Analysis

Most Improved Refineries Analysis

Learn how your peers are improving their refinery energy performance.

The Most Improved Refineries energy report looks beyond the benchmarking numbers of Solomon’s Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study) to examine the performance trends of multiple groups of refineries (a.k.a., Custom Peer Groups) over a 10-year period. Solomon created these peer groups—Investment (INV) Peer Group, Operational (OPS) Peer Group, Average (AVG) Peer Group, and World’s Best EII (WB EII) Peer Group—to identify refineries that showed significant and sustained improvement in energy efficiency and then evaluate the changes they made that resulted in the improvement.

Our data analysis indicated that some refineries achieved significant energy efficiency improvement over the study period simultaneous with their facilities undergoing substantial growth, while others were able to improve their energy performance without the need for large capital investment and new construction. To separate the effects of performance change due to investment versus that of operational changes of existing assets, we created the INV and OPS Peer Groups. We then compared these results to a set of refineries that were stagnant with regard to energy efficiency over the same period (AVG Peer Group); we also compared them against the WB EII Peer Group. 

Discover new insight with a deep look into the refinery energy performance of sustained, high performers in Solomon’s Fuels Study.

What’s available

Written report:

  • Executive summary
  • Selection process
  • Detailed energy analysis of the Investment (INV) Peer Group
  • Detailed energy analysis of the Operation (OPS) Peer Group
  • Remaining Opportunities for the OPS and INV Peer Groups
  • Summary of conclusions and observations

On-site presentation:

  • Half-day presentation, discussion with Solomon experts
  • For prior participants, client-specific data can be added to charts and graphs (additional fee)
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