World’s Best Delayed Cokers

Solomon’s delayed coker analysis identifies areas for improvement.

In preparing its World’s Best 2–3 Drum Delayed Cokers (WB2D) and World’s Best 4+ Drum Delayed Cokers (WB4+D) analyses, Solomon relied heavily on its extensive and proprietary database to identify characteristics of the best 2–3 drum and 4+ drum delayed-coking units in the Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study).

The database included 76 cokers with a 2- or 3-drum configuration and 73 cokers with a 4-drum or larger configuration. The analysis itself focused on identifying units that demonstrated sustainable, cost-effective, and high operational availability while yielding the largest percentage of non-coke products. Results of this analysis offer valuable insight toward helping operators evaluate their own delayed-coking units and identifying possible focus areas for improvement.

The following Solomon metrics were used to identify the World’s Best:

  • Unit Operational Availability (OA)
  • Relative Unit Maintenance Cost Efficiency Index™ (MEI™)
  • Yield Gap versus the Top 25% of Units

These metrics mirror what most clients demand from their delayed coking units—reliable operations at a reasonable maintenance cost.

A half-day, on-site presentation includes access to Solomon expert insight during the formal presentation, discussion, and Q&A on key performance factors for improving your results. For prior participants, client-specific data can be added to charts and graphs (at an additional fee).

The World’s Best Delayed Cokers:

2.5% better operated availability than the world average

>3X the amount of time between heater-decokes vs the world average

10% reduced relative maintenance cost over the past 6 years

15% reduced annualized downtime over the past 6 years

Written report includes:

  • Executive Summary
    • Operational availability, On-line thermal spalling, Process utilization, Maintenance cost performance
  • Characteristics of WB2D and WB4+D
    • Overall, Operational Availability, Heater Decoking, Maintenance Cost Performance, Non-Turnaround Maintenance, Energy, Yields, Operations Staffing
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