Reliability & Maintenance (RAM)

Reliability & Maintenance

Stay ahead of your competition. Identify root causes of poor reliability & maintenance (RAM) performance and create guided action plans to close gaps and improve your RAM strategy, profitability, and culture.

Every manufacturing facility has unused assets being wasted due to inefficiency and unreliability, which is often perceived as a problem for the reliability department. However, reliability is one of the most overlooked opportunities that can positively impact three key components of any organization—customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and profitability (especially through improved availability).

Becoming reliable is a journey; it does not just happen overnight. Reliability demands a proactive culture and maintenance strategy, rather than reactive. Attaining Q1 performance requires significant planning, effort, time, and buy-in from all staffing levels.

Through Solomon’s full-circle approach and expert industry experience, we can help you identify reliability and maintenance performance gaps and craft a tailored solution for closure and improvement. Our trusted RAM benchmarking methodology and library of best practices can help you understand performance drivers, set realistic targets, and create action plans to close gaps and improve performance. Let us help you maximize the impact of your efforts and put you on the path to achieve sustainable performance improvement.

Go from Benchmarking to Performance Excellence


Collect & Verify Data
Data Quality & Review
Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Performance Excellence

Deeper Analysis & Insight
Action Plan
Implement & Monitor

Enabling Your Success

  • Identify performance gaps with peers using an extensive, proprietary database of reliability, maintenance, and turnaround metrics.
  • Gain actionable insight from experts that understand your business.
  • Receive target-setting and gap-closure assistance, plus performance improvement and turnaround excellence support.
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Q&A Conversation Video Series

RAMblings: A Reliability & Maintenance Conversation

Rooted in the theme of Q&A, our RAMblings video series focuses on all the questions you wanted to ask about reliability and maintenance (RAM) and all the ones you did not know to ask. Watch as Solomon's Reliability & Maintenance Study Manager, Doug Speers, is prompted with questions and RAMbles about client and market dynamics related to reliability and maintenance.

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Closing Performance Gaps

What gaps do you struggle to close? What quick and near-term actions will have the biggest impact on performance excellence and profitability? We know what good looks like… and how to get there.

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