Maximize the production and economic performance of your upstream assets in a sustainable, responsible manner at a lower cost.

Operational excellence requires a robust strategy, regardless of the business environment. Solomon can help you achieve this excellence by leveraging decades of energy industry benchmarking and advisory experience, a proven methodology, and the world’s largest database of operating costs, uptime reliability metrics, and technical KPIs across a wide range of O&G producing assets. Our metrics and data are powerful because they are based on actual performance levels of top performing operators and best practices.

We help clients identify large, untapped efficiency savings and plan initiatives that boost reliability and operating efficiency and increase profits. Automated data collection and new digital tools help visualize KPIs and monetized performance gaps on an ongoing basis, enabling you to track progress toward your targets. You can also leverage our New Projects OpEx Estimator, a powerful tool for reducing uncertainty in estimating expenditures (OpEx) for greenfield and brownfield O&G projects.

Go from Benchmarking to Performance Excellence


Collect & Verify Data
Data Quality & Review
Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Performance Excellence

Deeper Analysis & Insight
Action Plan
Implement & Monitor

Enabling Your Success

  • Identify performance gaps with peers using the most trusted benchmarking database and methodology in the industry.
  • Gain actionable insight from experts that understand your business.
  • Receive target-setting and gap-closure assistance, plus performance improvement, sustainability, and forecasting support.
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Webinar: Leading Offshore Operators – Characteristics of Operational Performance Excellence

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Closing Performance Gaps

What gaps do you struggle to close? What quick and near-term actions will have the biggest impact on performance excellence and profitability? We know what good looks like… and how to get there.

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