Upcoming study features enhancements to provide deeper insights on production efficiency, well work performance, energy, carbon emissions, reliability and maintenance, workforce performance, gap analysis, and the data collection processes.

HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon) is investing heavily in the Worldwide Onshore Production Operations Performance Analysis (Onshore Study). The Onshore Study has expanded its metrics and analysis to provide a deeper analysis into key performance indicators (KPIs) for better decision making, operating expense (OpEx) reduction, and performance improvement initiatives. These include deeper insights to production efficiency, well work performance, energy, carbon emissions, reliability and maintenance, workforce performance, gap analysis, and data collection processes.

Production Efficiency & Reliability Improvements

Reliability and Production Efficiency benchmarking will be enhanced to provide deeper understanding into the performance at the well level and reliability of systems most critical to onshore fields:

  • Reliability Metrics by System – Field level reliability metrics with be expanded to provide deeper insight into reliability of major system elements (i.e., wells, facilities, etc.). New metrics include Mean Time Between Incidents (MTBI) and Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR).
  • Routine Maintenance – To compliment the Maintenance Cost Performance Analysis, the study will evaluate efficiency and effectiveness associated with maintenance delivery. An analysis will be conducted on preventive and corrective maintenance backlogs, schedule attainment, and more, to identify key performance drivers for your operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy evaluation.
  • Well Work Program Analysis – New well-work related KPIs will be introduced to build upon the evaluation of effectiveness, cost optimization, restoration, integrity, and surveillance of well work. This addition will provide further understanding on economic benefits, uplift, and comparative performance.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Improvements

Energy and Sustainability benchmarking in 2023 is further enhanced from the 2021 improvements to provide additional learnings for both utilization improvement and carbon footprint reduction:

  • Energy Management Analysis – To compliment KPIs of Carbon Emissions per Barrel (CEB) and Carbon Emissions Index (CEI), the Onshore Study can help better manage the carbon footprint of your assets with a focused analysis on energy management.
  • Sustainability Analysis – An analysis of sustainable performance will be conducted from a systems analysis of reliability, process & personnel safety, cost performance, and carbon emissions at the asset level. This gives an integrated, balanced assessment of your overall business.

Staffing and Technology Analysis Improvements

Solomon has expanded the study scope to provide deeper analysis and review of field labor and staffing strategies, including adoption of technology:

  • Field Labor Breakdown – The analysis of the workforce now includes details on staffing efficiency of field operators versus maintenance staff to identify specific organizational areas with resource balancing needs.
  • Staffing Strategy – Analysis associated with technology adoption and various other staffing strategies to demonstrate correlation with your operational performance and potential challenges.

Gaps & Ranking Analysis Improvements

Identification of performance gaps and ranking of performance are aligned to other Solomon study reports, as rankings by terciles will be replaced by quartiles:

  • Gap Analysis Against Top Production Efficiency Performance – The study has always identified against a peer group average. The analysis is expanded to identify production efficiency and cost gaps against a group of peer fields with the highest production efficiency identified (top performers). This will give a better understanding of performance compared to not only the average study participant but also to the top-ranking study participant.
  • Switch From Tercile to Quartile Benchmarks – New to the 2023 study year, Upstream benchmarking studies will switch from benchmark rankings of terciles to quartiles to improve understanding. First quartile (Q1) entry points will be used to replace leader/low-cost averages.

Integrated Gas Value Chain Analysis

Solomon has leveraged experience evaluating onshore production assets and gas processing facilities to provide an integrated view and analysis of performance gaps and improvement opportunities from well pads to gas processing.

Data Collection & Results Delivery Improvements

Enhancements to data collection and results delivery have been made to accelerate the collection process and improvement understanding of results.

  • Input Prioritization – The reporting of key technical inputs for asset normalization have been highlighted to prioritize and accelerate the data collection process.
  • Simplified Presentation – Presentation design has been enhanced to better deliver results at different levels in the client’s organization from asset management to the executive level.

New Study Offerings for 2023

Solomon offers additional add-ons, effective for the 2023 Onshore Study. Each will be available as subscription options to study participants:

  • Well-Level Production Efficiency & Reliability Analysis –The field level assessment can be added to provide a detailed production efficiency analysis at the well level through additional granularity of well groups by well type and well performance.
  • Improved Results Format Delivery for Integration – Data in a flat file format is now an option for clients looking to integrate the data into data visualization platforms.
  • Action Planning Workshop – A post-benchmarking workshop that acts as an advisory service to help clients prioritize opportunities identified from the study and formulate action plans to close identified gaps.

Behind the Scenes Improvements

Solomon continues to make investments in data analytics and automation platforms to both improve study effectiveness and facilitate deeper meaningful performance insights. The overlapping layers of confidentiality safeguards and cybersecurity protections that surround all Solomon benchmarking studies are continually reviewed, pressuretested, and hardened. Finally, we continue to increase the depth and breadth of onshore industry expertise within our Upstream team to provide greater value to our study participants.

We look foward to your participation in the upcoming Onshore Study. Contact us to learn more.

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