Solomon uses comprehensive approach to calculate the life-cycle carbon emissions of oil and gas production facilities

HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon), a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Re, has newly calculated the life-cycle CO2 emissions of oil and gas (O&G) producing assets around the world in a clear and consistent way. Previous methodologies used to calculate these emissions figures have lacked transparency and standardization, making it difficult to compare reported figures from different sources.

The new approach developed by Solomon uses public data and rigorous application of integrated open-source models created by academics associated with the Oil Climate Index Plus Gas (OCI+). The result is a detailed, thorough, and reliable method of calculating emissions in terms of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). The output provided by Solomon enables consistent comparisons of absolute carbon emissions and varying carbon intensity ratios between different oil and gas producing assets around the world. The calculations can be used to confidently inform decision makers and to assess options to manage emissions in an asset portfolio.

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