How do you compare on DCS performance, total cost of ownership, cybersecurity, and effectiveness of digitalization?

DALLAS, TEXAS – February 17, 2022 – Today, HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon) announces the launch of its Worldwide Process Control Systems Performance Analysis (PCS Study). This new study gives participants insight into how the industry is leveraging value from process automation and control systems. Companies joining the study benefit from unprecedented visibility into the performance and total cost of ownership of Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Solomon Chief Operations Officer Rick Bilberry said, “With the ever-increasing focus on improved reliability, profitability, and sustainability, automation systems and digital applications are playing an increasingly important role in driving the performance of operating assets. Our PCS Study enhances the large portfolio of Solomon benchmarking products relied on by the energy industry for objective, actionable insight and peer comparisons, and will enable clients to identify automation improvement opportunities to achieve these higher levels of performance.”

In response to client feedback and in consultation with automation suppliers, Solomon has added key inputs and outputs to the new PCS Study to help participants improve reliability and manage costs.

What’s New

  • DCS total cost of ownership, including the costs of maintenance and software
  • Cost of ownership versus DCS age (industry norms versus actual)
  • Enhanced DCS analysis, including:
    • Number of hardware/software faults per year
    • Hours of downtime caused by hardware/software faults
    • Number of process control download changes per year (improvements, optimization, stability, transmitters)
  • In-depth cybersecurity analysis
  • Enhanced review of digital strategies, models, and data capabilities
  • Analysis of autonomous systems enabling remote operations
  • More detailed analysis of console operator loading, including inputs/outputs per operator, control loops per operator, and alarms per operator
  • High-level best practices and a global view of your site’s PCS staffing (predicted versus actual)

Clients subscribing before the end of June 2022 will receive results in third-quarter 2022.

About Solomon

HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon) provides data-driven, strategic insight across the energy industry, leading to greater efficiency, reliability, and profitability. We draw upon the world’s most extensive, historical, and proprietary databases of operational performance, and combine that knowledge with a library of industry best practices and industry experts that understand your business. This combination allows us to identify operational gaps and deliver insight and solutions to close those gaps and improve results, connecting data to business strategy and sustained performance excellence. Solomon is part of the HSB family of companies and serves clients in nearly 80 countries, with global headquarters in Dallas and regional offices in Houston, London, Manama, and Singapore.

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