New study of aromatics plant performance provides industry with consistent benchmarking data for the first time.

DALLAS – March 18, 2015 – HSB Solomon Associates, LLC (Solomon), the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry, today announced the launch of its first Worldwide Aromatics Plant Performance Analysis (Aromatics Study). The study is designed to provide aromatics plant operators with a global perspective of the manufacturing performance of all of their aromatics units.

The study marks the first time that aromatics facilities have access to process unit benchmarking performance data on a normalized and consistent basis. The scope of this study includes all aromatics production facilities based in refineries and chemical complexes, providing broader coverage than any other study in the industry.

“Our goal is to provide operators with knowledge and data that will aid them in making decisions that will result in a strong competitive advantage,” said Jon Stroup, Study Manager for Solomon’s Aromatics Study. “That’s why our Aromatics Study focuses on manufacturing data with a heavy emphasis on operations and maintenance. When combined with a global view to include aromatics units worldwide, this information gives operators everything they need to improve their plant’s performance.”

The Aromatics Study focuses on a variety of areas:

  • Energy consumption
  • Maintenance costs
  • Operating and mechanical reliability
  • Personnel
  • Process operating data by unit

The Aromatics Study reports performance metrics for the global peer group as well as for specific peer groups refined by regional location, capacity, and complexity for more than 100 aromatics plants worldwide.

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