Solomon announces the launch of its Worldwide Olefin Plant Performance Analysis (Olefin Study) for operating year 2019.

The 2019 Olefin Study will provide participants with a comprehensive assessment of their plant competitiveness, deep insights into industry performance trends, and a set of plant-specific, economic performance gaps to guide improvement activities.

The study, the industry standard for olefins performance benchmarking, has been delivering unparalleled insights to producers for 30 years. Leveraging Solomon’s comprehensive set of proprietary metrics and relentless focus on data integrity, the Olefin Study provides a comprehensive assessment of each of the drivers of olefin plant competitiveness: reliability, maintenance, capacity utilization, feedstocks and product mix, yield performance, energy efficiency, staff productivity and expense, and production costs.

Producers have come to rely on its performance rankings, peer group comparisons, and economic gap analyses for driving measurable improvement in plants of every feedstock type, size, age, and geography.

The most recently completed Olefin Study—for operating year 2017—experienced record participation: 144 olefin plants from 55 companies, representing 76% of global capacity. The return on investment (ROI) for Olefin Study participants is significant, averaging 200 times the study cost at 10% closure of identified gaps. With the wave of new, state-of-the-art plants that have commissioned since 2017, even larger participation is expected for the 2019 study.

The subscription deadline for the 2019 Olefin Study is October 31, 2019.