Leading performance improvement company for the energy industry launches study to help plants identify opportunities for improving processes and increasing profit margins.

Dallas, TEXAS – July 14, 2016 – HSB Solomon Associates, LLC (Solomon), the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry, announced the launch of its Worldwide LNG Plant Performance Analysis (LNG Plant Study)for operating year 2016. Solomon is committed to building a robust database of participants that benefits the entire industry, similar to what we have achieved in other industry segments we serve, such as our Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study).

“The LNG industry is experiencing increased market competitiveness due to significant expansions in on-stream capacity, abundance of supply, and downward pricing pressure. Consequently, operators are facing increased pressure to build economies of scale and demonstrate sustainable improvement,” said Richard Harper, LNG Plant Study Manager. This study is an excellent tool to help address these needs by performing the following:

  • Comparing performance internally and relative to top performers.
  • Addressing actionable performance gaps.
  • Establishing a framework for operations excellence programs.
  • Assessing performance of new asset acquisitions and joint venture operations.
  • Providing a set of efficiency indicators that provide operators a measure of how well a plant is performing based on the size and configuration of a particular plant.
  • Accessing performance across energy, operating expense, maintenance and reliability costs, personnel costs, utilization and availability, safety, and environmental.

“Our decision to proceed with this study effort is based on client interest, who already understand the value of Solomon’s benchmarking studies and now want the same details and value for their LNG operations. Clients are interested in a study that unifies metrics across their value chain, provides a robust normalization process such as that employed in our Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™) methodology, quantifies performance gaps, and provides detailed metric data to enable the performance improvement process,” said Harper.

Solomon’s plan is to leverage our Worldwide Natural Gas Processing and LNG Plant Performance Analysis (NGPP Study), which already includes 56 gas processor-related participants worldwide. The scope of the LNG Plant Study will be comprehensive, including gas treating, fractionation, liquefaction, storage, and loading. Performance will be assessed across energy, operating expense, reliability, maintenance cost, personnel productivity, utilization, availability, safety, and environmental. This new biennial study is planned to launch in November 2016, with data submission due in March 2017. Publication of results and presentations are targeted for third-quarter 2017.