Metric Enables Energy Performance Monitoring in Solomon’s Enterprise Portfolio Solution

DALLAS, TEXAS – November 6, 2020 – HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon), a provider of data-driven, strategic insight across the global energy industry, is pleased to announce the official release of the Energy Intensity Index™ (EII®) for its Worldwide Liquid Pipeline and Terminal Studies. EII is Solomon’s primary energy efficiency metric and one of the most recognized in the oil and gas industry. EII normalizes energy consumption across diverse assets, allowing an energy efficiency comparison to be made with other study participants in a consistent reporting structure.

A liquid pipeline’s EII is calculated based on the energy consumption reported, relative to the pipeline’s unique standard energy. Solomon adjusts reported energy consumption for pipeline elevation change, third-party pump stations, and drag-reducing agents. Solomon’s proprietary pipeline EII model accounts for pipeline length, diameter, and fluid velocity by pipeline segment and product characteristics such as viscosity and density.  

For liquid terminals, EII is based on a facility’s reported energy consumption relative to its standard energy calculated from terminal receipts and deliveries by mode of transportation (i.e., pipeline, truck, rail, and marine facilities, including barge, tanker, and offshore single-point mooring transfer facilities). The standard energy model for terminal EII accounts for facility infrastructure and thermal consumption requirements for refrigeration and heating.

“With the EII metric in our Liquid Pipeline and Terminal Studies, we now have the means to address the growing industry focus on energy efficient operations across the energy supply sector and seamlessly integrate pipeline and terminal energy performance monitoring into Solomon’s Enterprise Portfolio solution offering,” stated John Jungman, Vice President, Midstream. 

About Solomon

HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon) provides data-driven, strategic insight across the energy industry, leading to greater efficiency, reliability, and profitability. We draw upon the world’s most extensive, historical, and proprietary databases of operational performance, and combine that knowledge with a library of industry best practices and industry experts that understand your business. This combination allows us to identify operational gaps and deliver insight and solutions to close those gaps and improve results, connecting data to business strategy and sustained performance excellence. Solomon is part of the HSB family of companies and serves clients in nearly 80 countries, with global headquarters in Dallas and regional offices in Houston, London, Manama, and Singapore. 

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