Recent enhancements added to 2023 study to help you uncover hidden opportunities, close gaps, improve performance, and enhance profitability.

Solomon continues to invest in the International Study of Plant Reliability and Maintenance Effectiveness (RAM Study) in preparation for the upcoming study year. In the spring of 2019, the Solomon RAM Study team hosted an Advisory Council meeting with existing and potential clients, leaders in the industry, to understand how to advance and improve the RAM Study.

The following topics were discussed and are now included in the study:

  • Enhanced Turnaround Strategy:
    • Turnaround duration, cost planning strategies, scope freeze milestones, contract procurement timelines
    • % of discovery work, requirement to exclude work which can be done online
  • Work Execution Strategies:
    • Workforce breakdown for non-turnaround (T/A) and T/A work between company and contractor
    • Maintenance contract types, whether they are time and material, unit rates, lump sum, etc.
  • Alignment with Other Solomon Benchmarking Studies:
    • Non-RAM Maintenance hours for cleaning, fouling, and catalyst changes
    • Gaps calculated off both mechanical and operational availability impacts
  • Reliability and Maintenance Culture:
    • Maintenance rework measurement and recording, proactive versus reactive work; delineating proactive and reactive work on events
    • Enhanced questions to understand RAM strategic implementation; RCAs performed and action taken, documentation of reliability improvement process, etc.
    • Use of predictive analytics/machine learning, percentage of inspections done and frequency in years
  • More Process Family options to provide enhanced peer group comparisons

Since 2019, in an effort to better support clients, Solomon has added a new RAM Study Input Data Guide and updated the RAM Study Glossary and Portal Guide that are accessible through the study portal. The Data Collection Seminar (DCS training) and Input Data Review (IDR) have also been updated to include data input quality checks.

Since 1996, companies have relied on RAM Study results to identify improvement opportunities. The study uses proprietary data to uncover your performance gaps with peers and can help you implement a roadmap to make informed decisions and achieve performance excellence. Contact us to learn more about the RAM Study and the concepts behind our proven performance.

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