Featured Resource RAMblings Episode 1: What is the difference between a cost-conscious culture versus a reliability-conscious culture?
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Reliability & Maintenance (RAM) Study Brochure
Liquid Pipeline Study Brochure
RAMblings Episode 2: How do you define and measure culture in oil and gas operations?
Infographic: Benchmarking to Maintain Refining Competitive Advantage
Lube Study Brochure
RAMblings Episode 1: What is the difference between a cost-conscious culture versus a reliability-conscious culture?
Liquid Terminal Study Brochure
Fuels & Lube Study Brochure
Natural Gas Transmission System Study Invitation
Turnaround Duration Study Invitation
Company Reduces Upstream & Midstream Assets’ Turnaround Duration, Increasing Production and Estimated Revenue to 25M USD
Infographic: How Competitive are your Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls Assets?
Video: An Olefins Business Discussion - Why Benchmark During an Industry Downcycle?
Newly Acquired Underperforming Refinery Improves to Second-Quartile Performance with Savings of 24M USD/Yr
2023 Onshore Study Improvements Summary
Webinar: ENERGY STAR Certification for Refineries – Insights from Solomon, EPA, and Marathon Petroleum Recording
Upstream Operator Improves Energy Efficiency and GHG Management Performance Gaps with Benefits Estimated at 48M USD/yr
Benefits of Externally Benchmarking Pipelines & Terminals from Customer Perspectives
Making the Most of Your RAM Study Experience
Permian Basin Study Invitation
Video: Why Solomon? Why the Carbon Emissions Dashboard?
Video: Oil and Gas Carbon Emissions Dashboard Fireside Chat
Olefin Site Energy Performance Excellence Analysis Identifies up to 30M USD in Annual Energy Savings
Video: What is the Reliability and Maintenance Study Data Training Seminar?
Video: Oil & Gas Carbon Emissions Dashboard - Evaluate Your Actual and Perspective Insurance Portfolio
Why Benchmark During an Olefins Business Downcycle?
2023 Natural Gas Processing & Fractionation Study Invitation
Video: Benefits of Sustainability Performance Analysis
LNG Study: An in-depth analysis of your LNG operations that identifies critical KPIs and helps close performance gaps
2023 Onshore Study Invitation
Sustainability Performance Analysis Product Sheet
2023 Olefin Study Improvements
Olefin Study Invitation
Infographic: Reliability & Maintenance Study Data Training Seminar
Carbon Emissions Dashboard Product Sheet for Financial Industry
Solomon's Energy Strategic Solutions
CEI: An Actionable Pursuit of CO<sub>2</sub>e Reduction Opportunities
Carbon Emissions Dashboard Calculation Methodology
Carbon Emissions Dashboard Product Sheet for Oil & Gas Industry
Central Asia Refinery Improves Energy Efficiency, Hydrocarbon Loss, and Reliability and Maintenance Efficiency with Estimated 35M USD/Yr in Benefits
POWER Magazine: The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Power Companies Today
Refinery Operator Increases Mechanical Availability, Reduces 34M USD/yr Gap in Lost Production by 14M USD in 1 Year
South American Refiner Sets Ambitious Goal to Improve Energy Efficiency, Lower Costs, and Reduce Carbon Emissions
Infographic: Reliability & Maintenance - The Path to Top Performance
Aggressive Cost Cutting Lead to a Billion-Dollar Loss for a Major GOM Upstream Operator
POWER Magazine: Grid Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Projects Thrive, Workforce and Supply Chain Issues Continue in 2023
Webinar: Leading Offshore Operators – Characteristics of Operational Performance Excellence
Upstream Operator Reduces Risk and Increases Confidence in OpEx Budget for New Gulf of Mexico Project
Latin American Refiner Takes Action to Close Gaps and Realizes an Estimated 78M USD/yr Benefit in Work Process and Personnel Optimization
North American Refinery Improvement Project Uncovers Significant Savings (~70M USD/yr)
Aromatics Study Invitation
Solomon's FPSO Global Database
Offshore Study Invitation
External vs. Internal Benchmarking of Pipelines and Terminals
Petroleum Terminal Productivity Study Invitation
eBook: Power Generation Insight for Leaders, Engineers & Analysts
LNG Study Invitation
Webinar: World’s Best Refineries - Sustainable Performance in Uncertain Times
Power Study Invitation
Eagle Ford Shale Study Invitation
Vaca Muerta Study Invitation
Refinery Energy Analysis Reveals 95M USD/yr in Savings Opportunities
Tanks & Terminals Magazine: Diving Deeper into Data—Tank Integrity Maintenance
eBook: Reliability and Maintenance Proven Practices & Insight
Presentation: Sustainability - AFPM 2021 Annual Meeting
Presentation: Energy Efficiency, More Crucial than Ever - ERTC Virtual 2020
BIOMASS Magazine: Ensuring Plant O&M Expense Matches Its Market Mission
POWER Magazine: Using Data Analytics to Support Asset Management and Optimization
Webinar: World's Best Refineries - What Sets Them Apart?
Webinar: Guidance in a Time of Uncertainty - Staying True to Your Reliability Journey
Offshore Engineer Magazine: Calculating OpEx: Data Paints a Bigger Picture
Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine: A Data-Driven, Experience-Based Approach to Workforce Optimization
Efficient Plant Magazine: Aging Assets Not a Disadvantage
Webinar: World’s Best Base Oil Refineries - Can You be One of Them?
Chemical Engineering World Magazine: Plant Reliability and Maintenance
Refiner Unlocks Potential 60M USD Per Year in Cost Savings
306M USD Recouped by European Refiner
Fortune 100 Company Identifies 269M USD in Cost Savings with External Benchmarking
Dual Refinery Operator Identifies 18M USD per Year in Savings
Multisite Petrochemical Enterprise Realizes 9.2M USD in Cost Savings
Refinery Goes from Fourth-Quartile Turnaround Performance to 905k USD Increase in Net Margin
Oil Major Slashes OpEx by 10% with Strategic Maintenance Planning
Medium-Sized Combined-Cycle Power Plant Achieves Over 15M USD in Sustainable Annual Cost Reductions
Middle Eastern Refinery Plans Expansion to Increase Throughput and Become More Competitive
Company Projects 24–31M USD per Year in Financial Benefit across Two Refineries
Grassroots Olefins Plant Operator Finds 52M USD in Potential Savings for Facility
Chemical Engineering World Magazine: Maintaining Profits in Low-Margin Markets
Pipelines International Magazine: The Role of Comparative Performance Analysis in Pipeline Operations
Offshore World Magazine: Reducing Hydrocarbon Losses in Refineries
Managing with Data Reaps Financial Rewards in the Open Power Generation Market
Integrated Oil & Gas Company Adopts Best Practices to Improve Financial Performance of Gas Plants
Refineries to Remain Competitive Under Potential Climate Change Scenarios
Oil & Gas Major Accurately Assesses Operating Costs for Planned Offshore Field Development
Staffing Adjustments to Ensure Performance Success of Proposed Olefin Expansion
Major Petrochemical Facility to Address Performance Gap of 50M USD by Resolving Reliability Issues and Workforce Inefficiencies
Refinery to Reap Savings, Achieve Top-Quartile Performance Through Restructuring of Maintenance Work Processes, Workforce
Redesigned Cyclic Steam Project Boosts Production at South American Heavy Oil Field by 1,000 bbl/d
Middle East Refinery Plans to Be Among the Most Globally Competitive