Advisory Services

Your trusted guide to sustainable performance excellence. 

From closing gaps and addressing challenges identified in one of our benchmarking studies, to receiving expert guidance to address a wide range of operational opportunities or challenges, we can help.  

We use benchmarking diagnostics and an interview process to identify specific cost areas (typically two or three) that offer the greatest potential for cost savings and efficiency improvements. By conducting comprehensive reviews of your current practices and utilizing our best practices knowledge and extensive staff experience, we recommend appropriate best practices that fit within your operations and corporate culture.

Solomon offers a two-part competitive advantage over other advisory firms. First, we have 40 years of operational data to ensure objective and sound, data-driven advice. We understand the industry and the operation of our clients’ assets. Second, our consultants have walked in the shoes of our clients. We have worked in roles such as senior vice president of operations, site manager, operations manager, and technical manager. This knowledge enables us to develop practical recommendations and roadmaps for your success.

We deliver:

  • High return on investment
  • Quick and efficient results
  • No- and low-cost improvement recommendations
  • Sustainable improvements
  • An experienced, external force for change

Our consultants have walked in your shoes. They understand your needs and have access to the data and best practices to ensure a successful project outcome.

Why Choose Solomon?

How we stand apart from other firms:

  • Guidance and recommendations are supported by proprietary data collected over 40 years as part of our benchmarking studies. We’ve seen what “good” looks like.
  • Our consultants understand your needs because they come directly from the industry and have hands-on operating and business experience.

Combining these two qualities, we develop practical and valuable recommendations and roadmaps to success, unlike any other firm.

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