Process Control Systems Study

How do you compare on DCS performance, total cost of ownership, cybersecurity, and effectiveness of digitalization?

The Worldwide Process Control Systems Performance Analysis (Process Control Systems Study) delivers visibility into how your Process Control Systems (PCS) compare to those of industry peers. Increase gross margin and get the information you need to guide major budgetary choices regarding your PCS.

Solomon’s team of consultants has real-world experience managing and working in the field of industrial automation and control with an array of companies at diverse sites. Only Solomon has the combination of data, benchmarking methodology, and expert analysis you need to guide you in your critical digitalization decisions.

Study results answer critical questions including:

  • Is the performance of my plant automation systems, including my distributed controls system (DCS), in line with that of others in the industry?
  • How does my implementation of digitalization and cybersecurity compare with industry norms?
  • Does our team expend the right amount of effort and capital to keep up with industry peers and maintain reliability and operational availability in our process units?
  • What gaps exist in our PCS, and what best practices could improve our operations?
  • Are the systems optimized to deliver needed gains in energy efficiency and sustainability?

Gain insight into how your risk reduction and process control practices affect the following:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Process alarm policies
  • Knowledge management plans
  • Operator training simulation
  • Use of digital assets to maximize energy and sustainability performance
  • Digitalization
  • Autonomous operations
  • On-stream analyzers and inferentials
  • Process Control personnel
  • Network systems for Process Control
  • Safety instrumented systems
  • Wireless technology use

Sample Study Results Output

Normalized Work Hours per Week
Total Process Control Systems Staffing

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What’s New

  • DCS total cost of ownership, including the costs of maintenance and software
  • Cost of ownership versus DCS age (industry norms versus actual)
  • Enhanced DCS analysis, including:
    • Number of hardware/software faults per year
    • Hours of downtime caused by hardware/software faults
    • Number of process control download changes per year (improvements, optimization, stability, transmitters)
  • In-depth cybersecurity analysis
  • Enhanced review of digital strategies, models, and data capabilities
  • Analysis of autonomous systems enabling remote operations
  • More detailed analysis of console operator loading, including inputs/outputs per operator, control loops per operator, and alarms per operator
  • High-level best practices and a global view of your site’s PCS staffing (predicted versus actual)

Learn how your industry peers address the following:

  • Real-time optimization (RTO)
  • Advanced process controls (APC)
  • Use of inferentials
  • Data control system hardware/software
  • Regulatory control
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