Benchmarking Reliability & Maintenance (RAM)

How effective is your RAM Strategy? Know where you stand against peers with unique data-driven insight.

Even top performers can find ways to improve. Participating in Solomon’s International Study of Plant Reliability and Maintenance Effectiveness Performance Analysis (RAM Study) yields valuable insight into performance excellence. Regardless of your current performance, the study uncovers hidden opportunities that can help improve your performance and enhance profitability.

Solomon’s 40+ years of benchmarking data proves that the only sustainable way to improve is to focus on reliability. Data shows that when this strategy is implemented, the entire organization improves from top to bottom. Reliability is of fundamental importance for assets, and it is also important that people are reliable in everything they do.

Is it important to have an optimized RAM strategy? Yes, comparing the best to the worst shows a significant financial gap associated with Asset Reliability and Maintenance Cost Performance.

In the short term, cost cutting is easy, but reliability improvements ensure true, long-term profitability and lead to sustainable maintenance cost reductions.

Solomon’s RAM Study evaluates the extent to which the reliability and maintenance strategy for the production units and sites studied are optimized. We use our reliability indices to compare your performance to top-quartile performers, revealing opportunities to increase production without costly capital investment, along with opportunities to optimize expenses without sacrificing performance.

To ensure improvement and long-term profitability, it is important to develop and maintain a proactive culture. The study illustrates the importance of using accurate data, and encouraging and recognizing proactive behavior, which helps ensure all employees can understand their role in working proactively to:

  • Reduce maintenance spending
  • Reduce the probability of unplanned events
  • Increase mechanical availability

  • More process family options (accurate comparisons to peer groups)
  • Turnaround performance details (management, strategy, and execution)
  • Workforce breakdown for routine and turnaround work
  • Maintenance contract types (time and materials, unit rates, lump sum, etc.)
  • Non-RAM maintenance hours (cleaning, catalyst, building, and grounds)
  • Measuring rental and lease costs
  • Maintenance rework (measurement and recording)
  • Piping system events (piping system for both process and utilities)
  • Asset inspection intervals
  • Predictive analytics/machine learning
  • How reliable and available are my facilities compared to top reliability performers?
  • Is my availability and spending optimized?
  • How is my maintenance spending divided into corrective, preventative, and improvement maintenance?
  • How reactive or proactive are my facilities compared to my peers?
  • What is my organizations’ RAM culture and how effective is it?
  • How do my scheduled and unscheduled downtimes and rate reductions due to RAM causes compare to my peers?
  • How do my RAM direct labor and materials by equipment category as well as indirect labor and staffing ratios compare to top performers?
  • How efficient and effective are my turnarounds?
  • How does my maintenance capital spending in each equipment category compare to my peers and how effective is it?
  • How do the Mean Time Between Events of my equipment compare to my peers?
  • How does my planning, scheduling, and completion to schedule compare to top performers?
  • How do each of my sites compare to my other sites in RAM performance?
  • What are the areas of performance excellence that can be shared internally?
  • How does my workforce size and productivity compare to industry peers?
  • How do my reliability and work processes compare?
  • How does my storeroom spending, inventory, and stock-out rates compare?
  • Where are we on our reliability journey, and do we need any course corrections?

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Obtain a clear picture of your competitive position with data-driven, actionable insight.

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Whether you are a large or small organization, participating in the RAM Study is a valuable exercise to ensure the success of your organization. The study identifies gaps with peers, delivers data-driven insight, and provides data that helps you implement a roadmap to achieve performance excellence in reliability and maintenance.

Since 1996,


production units have relied on

Solomon RAM Study results.

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Why Participate?

  • Improve reliability performance
  • Develop and improve a strategy for growth
  • Become more profitable
  • Learn how you compare competitively
  • Learn how to leverage benchmarking data to improve performance

Study Deliverables

As part of the study, you will receive the following:

  • Executive summary presentation with actionable insight supported by study data.
  • Opportunities report including data tables, performance rankings, aggregated peer group results, detailed gap analyses, and historical trends.
  • Workshop covering how to review and use the data analysis delivered.
  • Document on how to get the most out of your RAM experience.
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Data Quality, Benchmarking Methodology

A Foundation for Effective Comparative Performance Analysis and Decision Support

We prioritize the integrity and confidentiality of participant-submitted data and rigorously review that data before benchmarking begins. Then, we employ our normalization process and benchmarking methodology to provide valuable and trusted peer group comparisons that deliver meaningful KPIs. Finally, our staff of senior consultants apply their deep industry experience to develop practical insight and recommendations to enable your success.

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