Data Collection Assistance

Ideal for first-time study participants or others that could benefit from some extra support. 

We appreciate that while the comparative performance metrics obtained from a benchmarking study are valuable for organizations, the data collection required to participate can be challenging for some, especially those that are new to a study, those that have new staff assigned to collect data, or those that are simply resource constrained.

Data Collection Support

This optional program can be customized from assisting your Study Coordinator in completing the electronic input forms to providing a Study Coordinator resource from Solomon. For first-time study participants, this service is essential in helping you fully understand study data collection requirements and ensure data is properly captured.

Private Data Coordinator Seminars

To facilitate the data collection and submission process, we offer an optional Private Data Coordinator Seminar to participants. The private seminars provide a comprehensive overview of data requirements and submission instructions specific to the study.

Assistance Programs

Take advantage of our data collection assistance to expedite the data collection process and ensure data is efficiently and accurately captured from the start.

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