Data Quality, Benchmarking Methodology

Data quality and a proven benchmarking methodology enable results and insight you can trust.

For nearly 40 years, Solomon’s Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™) benchmarking methodology has earned the reputation as the gold standard in the energy industry. The proven analysis helps clients understand their competitive position and performance gaps relative to peers.

As part of our benchmarking study process, we collect a wide range of proprietary data. The data is then rigorously reviewed by Solomon team members before benchmarking begins. For results to be valid and meaningful, it is essential that the underlying participant-submitted data is accurate. We also invest significant resources to assure fair and relevant comparative analysis for clients to maximize the business impact of the results and insight delivered.

To stay competitive in today’s ever-changing industry, clients rely on Solomon’s unmatched benchmarking database, high-quality data, and benchmarking methodology to deliver the actionable insight they need.

Benchmarking That Stands Apart

The Solomon benchmarking difference:

  • Maintains the largest, historical, proprietary database in the industry.

  • Employs extensive data review before benchmarking begins.

  • Uses rigorous and trusted data normalization methods to enable meaningful KPIs and valuable peer group comparisons.

  • Includes early error detection for accurate client data input.

  • Concludes with actionable insight from consultants that average >25 years’ industry experience.

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