If we could show you how your portfolio of assets compares internally and externally with the assets of your competitors, would that be of value to you? How about if we could show you the critical numbers that are hindering some of your assets while propelling others forward? And what if we could show you which of your portfolio assets are viable and which vulnerable when subjected to a “stress test”—would you find that valuable?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a Portfolio Sustainability Analysis (PSA)—something Solomon is uniquely positioned to provide—might be exactly what your organization needs.

The Explanation

The PSA is a new Solomon tool designed to help our clients understand how sustainable their portfolio of facilities would be under various “stress test” environments. Our approach is unique because it combines a variety of data with a global market perspective. Using our unparalleled proprietary database, our detailed global performance analysis process, and our extensive market-based knowledge, we advise our clients on which of their assets are at risk and the most effective ways to improve them.

The Solomon Advantage

At Solomon, we provide a customized PSA for each of our clients. No other firm can provide such a detailed analysis of their client’s assets. We are able to analyze more than 85% of all the refining and chemical processing facilities in the world. We are the sole organization that can analyze at this level of precision and create a customized solution for our clients. That’s because we have an extraordinary panel of experienced consultants. Our team has worked decades in the oil and gas industry, and every member of our team has managed chemical and refining assets, faced issues with those assets, and delivered outstanding results. We understand where the client is coming from.

The Critical Factor

The most important benefit of Solomon’s PSA is that it provides a target on which our clients can focus. The results of our analysis are delivered in the form of several presentations and reports. The synopses in these presentations and reports are more than simply stacks of facts and figures. The PSA shows the client where to invest, the appropriate time required, and the resources needed for the best yield. It creates data analytics that can then be compared to those of industry competitors. This in turn provides the client with a greater understanding of how it can move ahead confidently in its business with the least amount of risk.

The Starting Line

Once a client has agreed to take part in a Solomon PSA, we begin by using our Regional Comparative Analysis, our IEA scenario, and our proprietary database. We use all three of these tools combined to generate a customized understanding of the relative competitiveness of our client’s assets. We examine the client’s assets and compare them to their North American as well as their international competitors in several key markets. In addition, we evaluate fluid situations such as the impact of trade flows, new regulations, and other similar market factors.

Whether your company’s assets are few or many, Solomon’s Portfolio Sustainability Analysis is an essential tool for your success. As the only analysis of its kind in the oil and gas industry, our PSA is unrivaled in its capacity to highlight an organization’s most vulnerable and viable assets. Most organizations would definitely find such an analysis to be valuable.

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