Closing Performance Gaps

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Looking for data-driven insight to improve performance and profitability? Are there performance gaps that you struggle to close? Do you know the economic value of your gap opportunities and do you have the resources to confidently take the next steps?

Benchmarking study participants are not often surprised by the performance gaps identified during a study. And while most participants have a goal to narrow performance gaps as part of their strategic plans, many are challenged to realize their objectives. Simultaneously, the pressure to survive a challenging economic, environmental, and regulatory environment is substantial.

Many Solomon study participants take the steps necessary to successfully close gaps and improve performance and profitability; are you one of them?

From Worst to First

Nearly a decade ago a western European facility engaged Solomon to help close a significant maintenance gap—the facility stood as the worst maintenance performer in all of Europe. Today, this facility’s maintenance gap ranks in the top 10 in the world, and they are the only asset within their company that ranks first quartile in total gaps. Their non-turnaround maintenance workforce efficiency gap is closed and the demand on that workforce is 70% lower.

Take the next steps on your performance improvement journey.

Go Beyond Benchmarking

Solomon’s benchmarking studies uncover valuable information and opportunities to improve. Identify and prioritize your next steps to close gaps and enhance results.

Set realistic targets and take actions. Closing just 20% of gaps is often worth tens of millions of dollars. 

We know what good looks like… and how to get there. Let’s talk.

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Action from Insight

How to Capture Value from Your Study Results

  • Identify and understand gap drivers: Determine unique issues driving gaps.
  • Conduct a best practices assessment: 
    Compare your practices to the world’s best performers.
  • Discover quick wins: Generate no or low-cost recommendations for the first six months.
  • Prioritize longer-term actions: Identify actions to close gaps that require longer-term efforts. 
  • Implement action plans: Launch initiatives and monitor results to sustain performance excellence.
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Action Planning Workshop

During the Action Planning Workshop, typically 2 days in length, Solomon experts and client teams work together to identify and prioritize next steps to close gaps and enhance results.

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