Chemicals Benchmarking

Keep your chemical manufacturing production costs lower and your margins higher than your competition.

At Solomon, we have spent decades providing clients insight into where the margin benefits lie in their chemicals manufacturing processes. Chemical benchmarking is the key to optimize yields, lower production costs, increase profits, justify change, and remain competitive in the world of commodity chemical manufacturing. Our studies are designed to deliver data-driven insight to make you aware of your operational performance gaps with peers and provide valuable information on where you should focus your performance improvement efforts.

Plant operators choose Solomon because we deliver the only third-party benchmarking assessment that provides visibility into trends in yields, reliability, and energy efficiency, among other performance areas. Our detailed study results give insight into your overall efficiency levels while allowing you to make targeted changes to improve performance. You’ll have the knowledge you need to make the most informed decisions — and you’ll know where you should focus to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We know that for a performance improvement program to be successful, many facets of plant operation must be examined. That’s why we look at such a broad range of KPIs. The KPIs are designed to be incorporated into your internal tracking metrics, allowing you to better set meaningful improvement targets. If you need greater insight or assistance, we can help identify focus areas to improve performance, set targets and close gaps.

Featured Studies

Plants in


countries, representing


of steam cracking ethylene capacity,

rely on Solomon benchmarking to

improve performance.

Guidance Areas

  • Optimizing yields
  • Lowering production costs
  • Increasing profits
  • Improving overall efficiency
  • Target setting and closing gaps with peers
  • Data-driven insight to justify work

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Data Quality, Benchmarking Methodology

A Foundation for Effective Comparative Performance Analysis and Decision Support

We prioritize the integrity and confidentiality of participant-submitted data and rigorously review that data before benchmarking begins. Then, we employ our normalization process and benchmarking methodology to provide valuable and trusted peer group comparisons that deliver meaningful KPIs. Finally, our staff of senior consultants apply their deep industry experience to develop practical insight and recommendations to enable your success.

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