Upstream Advisory Services

Increase production volumes, optimize field operating costs, and reduce environmental impact.

When you take steps to identify performance gaps, prioritize opportunities, and execute an improvement plan, your operations teams can transform production efficiency and establish a self-sustaining, continuous-improvement operating culture.

We help guide your efforts with data-driven insight, leveraging our extensive and proprietary benchmarking database of performance metrics. An interview process led by our upstream experts identifies specific cost areas (typically two or three) that offer the greatest potential for cost savings and efficiency improvements. By conducting comprehensive reviews of your current practices and utilizing our best practices knowledge and extensive staff experience, we can recommend appropriate best practices that will fit within your operations and corporate culture.

We can adjust our proven approach to operations excellence to your unique needs and circumstances for maximum impact and in a timeframe that you require. And while other advisory services might focus on the operations of large companies, our services focus on the fields and practices of every type of E&P operator—from majors to independents and from public to investor-owned.

Receive data-driven insight leveraging our extensive and proprietary benchmarking database of performance metrics.

Why Choose Solomon?

Our vast database and best practices are unique:

  • We leverage operations data from >100 operators. Data includes leading field efficiency and practices programs in automation, chemicals, stimulation techniques, liquid loading, staffing, well servicing, and offshore transportation.
  • Consulting support is aided by a comprehensive library of KPIs covering all aspects of operations.
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