eBook: Power Generation Insight for Leaders, Technicians & Analysts

The eBook is a collection of Solomon insight acquired through decades of benchmarking and consulting in power generation.

Topics include:

  • How Power Plant Operators Can Combine Data in New Ways to Make More Informed Decisions
  • Power Generation Operators Face Challenges in Optimizing Maintenance Spending, Plant Availability
  • Generating Power in a Competitive Market – What Cost Do You Use to Dispatch Your Unit?
  • Power Industry M&A Activity: Improving Asset Valuation & Mitigating Risk
  • Power Insights – Maintenance Risk
  • Finding the Hidden Value in Your Cogeneration Plant
  • Medium-Sized Combined-Cycle Power Plant Achieves >15M USD in Sustainable Annual Cost Reductions
  • Managing with Data Reaps Financial Rewards in the Open Power Generation Market
  • Ensuring Plant O&M Expense Matches its Market Mission
  • Power Asset Management & Optimization

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