eBook: Power Generation Insight for Leaders, Engineers & Analysts

To survive and thrive in a global business market that regularly sees large and often dramatic changes, energy companies must be prepared to deliver top asset performance. However, in today’s world there are multiple variables and trade-offs involved in the management of a power plant. An effective power plant practice can help generating units and blocks achieve their unit market mission by successfully optimizing the economic performance of any given asset area to reduce those tradeoffs.

This eBook is a collection of Solomon’s years of insight into the power industry. Our consultants have walked in your shoes and know what a good power practices looks like. Solomon uses the world’s most extensive, historical, and proprietary database of operational performance, in combination with a library of industry best practices and industry experts to identify operational gaps and deliver insight and solutions to close those gaps and improve results. Since 1998, more than 10,000 power units have relied on the results of Solomon’s Worldwide Power Generation Performance Analysis (Power Study) to better understand their power plant performance. Participants have benefited by receiving insight on how to effectively manage resources, improve their financial and operational asset performance, and enhance the competitiveness of their generating units and blocks.