Case Study

Newly Acquired Underperforming Refinery Improves to Second-Quartile Performance with Savings of 24M USD/Yr

Solomon’s Performance Excellence Process™ identified recommendations to improve operational efficiency, optimize staffing and work processes, reduce costs, and upgrade information systems.


A company acquired an under-performing North American refinery. They sought to improve its operational efficiency and evaluate its workforce and management structuring.


Solomon applied its PEP™ methodology with a phased approach, making specific performance improvement recommendations. These were in the areas of planning and optimization, yield and energy, advanced process control systems, hydrocarbon loss, workforce optimization, reliability, routine maintenance processes, operations/maintenance interface, and turnarounds.


The analysis prioritized 57 detailed recommendations to improve the refineries performance with estimated benefits of 24M USD/yr in savings. Post implementation, the refinery moved from the fourth quartile to the second in mechanical availability, with turnaround costs also reaching into the top half for availability, scope, and maintenance costs.