Learn what it takes to become one of the World’s Best Refineries and how to manage your way through turbulent times.

This webinar outlines the main characteristics that the World’s Best Refineries have in common and the key indicators that require focus to sustain world-leading performance. This complimentary presentation leverages data from over 320 refineries, representing approximately 85% of the world’s refining capacity. Learn how a sustained focus on high operational availability and selective investment can ensure you get the most from your refineries. Watch the presentation to discover key insights to improve your competitive performance for the long term.


  • What makes the World’s Best different and how are they better prepared to survive global uncertainty?
  • What does it take to be a World's Best Refinery?
  • What main characteristics do the World’s Best Refineries have in common?
  • What key indicators should you focus on to sustain leading performance? 
  • How can you optimize your turnaround duration to maximize performance?

Speaker: Paul Cole

Paul Cole has developed a comprehensive understanding of the oil value chain from refining to delivered products during his 25-year career. After earning a master’s degree in 1995 in chemical engineering from The Queen’s University of Belfast, Paul worked for BP in production and operations support engineering, refinery crude scheduling, production planning analysis, operations coordination, auditing, and business advising. In 2012, Paul joined Solomon Associates as a senior refining consultant. During this time, Paul served as product manager for Solomon’s How to Use the Data Seminar, where he built upon the concept to develop the Advanced How to Use the Data Seminar course. From this experience, and using adult learning techniques, Paul helped refine Solomon’s Data Coordinator Seminar into what it is today. Currently, Paul serves as the Deep Drill-Down (3D) product manager, overseeing all aspects of this offering in support of Solomon’s Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis. Relying on his industry expertise and knowledge of Solomon’s proprietary methodologies, Paul helped develop the concept of Gross Margin Efficiency Index (GMEI™) for 3D analysis, and a new operating expense 3D offering.