Performance Excellence

Boost your company’s profitability without major changes.

Energy companies today operate in an increasingly complex business environment of economic cycles and regulatory changes that can be difficult to navigate. And high-cost, short-term solutions such as cutting costs, reducing headcount, and making major capital investments may not generate sustainable, long-term success. 

Solomon’s Performance Excellence Process™ provides the innovative insight you need. By systematically evaluating your operational and financial performance as compared with competitors, our experienced consultants identify “Quick-Hit” improvement opportunities that can be accomplished within a few months. We then collaborate with you to improve your business processes and work practices.

Solomon has the tools and insight to truly understand your business quickly, without the ramp-up required by other firms. Our client engagements leverage the world’s largest databases of real-world performance data and an inventory of >4,000 industry-proven best practices. We also have intimate knowledge of efficient and effective work processes, and consultants that average 25 years of industry knowledge and experience to ensure practical and actionable recommendations.

We create, tailor, and implement sustainable improvements to meet your needs in the most efficient time-period possible. Engagements often lead to dramatically reduced operating expenses, enhanced reliability, and improved profitability.

Typical benefits realized through our engagements are at least 20 times our professional fees and achieved in 2 years or less.

Solving Your Challenges

Our detailed analysis evaluates the following needs:

  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Planning and optimization
  • Operations, technical, and engineering
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Hydrocarbon loss
  • Energy management
  • Quality management
  • GHG emissions management
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