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Performance improvement…accelerated. Close gaps. Achieve results. Trusted insight and recommendations. 

Operating in an increasingly complex business environment of economic cycles and regulatory changes is often difficult to navigate. High-cost, short-term solutions such as cutting costs, reducing headcount, and making major capital investments may not generate sustainable, long-term success.

Solomon’s Performance Excellence Process™ leverages unique data, proven processes, and expert guidance, to deliver insight and recommendations you can trust. We evaluate important drivers of your operational performance and identify “quick-hit” improvement opportunities and collaborate with you to improve business processes and work practices to sustain improvement.


Refinery Operator Increases Mechanical Availability, Reduces 34M USD/yr Gap in Lost Production by 14M USD in 1 Year

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Supported by >30 years of performance improvement benchmarking data and >4,000 best practices, rely on our expertise.

  • Conduct data diagnostics to identify opportunities and focus the best practice assessment.
  • Evaluate existing behaviors, work processes, procedures, and practices that drive a site’s performance and operation.
  • Use results to accelerate the change process and create a framework for continuous improvement.
  • Initial results in 8–10 weeks, with typical benefit reaching 20–40% gap closure.
  • Blend technical and behavior changes needed to create sustainable results.
  • Support continuous improvement with health checks and special topic workshops.

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Sustainability Performance Analysis

With evolving environmental regulations and the challenge to lower carbon emissions, you need to make the right business decisions to demonstrate progress, improve profitability and prepare for the long-run. Solomon’s Sustainability Performance Analysis expands on our proven Performance Excellence Process™ solution to evaluate the energy-related sustainability opportunities in your operations and recommend practical next steps.

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A Proven Approach to Performance Improvement

Solomon has the data, tools, and insight to evaluate your business quickly, without the ramp-up required by other firms. We create, tailor, and help you implement sustainable improvements to meet your needs in the most efficient time-period possible. Engagements often lead to dramatically reduced operating expenses, enhanced reliability, and improved profitability. 

  • Utilize relevant benchmarking data
  • Compare performance against top industry performers
  • Consider configuration, complexity, and technology
  • Incorporate regional and geographical factors
  • Conduct a site Best Practice Assessment to identify focus areas and opportunities
  • Examine current work processes, procedures, and practices
  • Determine quick-hits and recommendations
  • Establish implementation priorities
  • Receive training to create sustainable change
  • Create action plans through implementation teams
  • Track improvements and monitor progress
  • Rely on specialist assistance from industry subject matter experts
  • Establish targeted assessments and evaluations
  • Access specialized training and workshops lead by industry experts
  • Follow up with benchmarking analysis to verify improvement


Our client engagements leverage: 

  • The world’s largest database of real-world performance.
  • An inventory of >4,000 industry-proven best practices.
  • An intimate knowledge of efficient and effective work processes.
  • Consultants that average 25 years of industry knowledge and experience to ensure practical and actionable recommendations.

Solving Your Challenges

Our detailed analysis evaluates:

  • Energy management
  • Hydrocarbon loss
  • Carbon emissions
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Planning and optimization
  • Operations and technical
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Quality management

Why Partner with Us?

  • Solomon are the data experts
  • We know the data and where to look
  • Unique combination of business, operational, and sustainability expertise
  • We accelerate gap closure and benefits
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Gain Actionable Insight

Close Performance Gaps

Receive sustainable value-added results grounded in the best practices of industry top performers. We can help you identify opportunities and develop a roadmap of recommended initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness and financial performance.

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