Workforce Optimization

Optimizing your workforce can generate greater efficiencies, enhance reliability, and improve margins. We can help.

Optimizing staffing and improving performance require eliminating unnecessary efforts and improving work processes and practices. Solomon’s innovative approach has helped many of our clients achieve and sustain optimum staffing levels while increasing overall operational efficiency and effectiveness. With the world’s largest proprietary database of O&G facility performance information in the world, we provide staffing recommendations that are credible. The deep industry experience of our staff also ensures that our insight and recommendations are practical.

Our methodology is about more than numbers—it includes a thorough analysis of your plant’s workforce based on industry best practices to help you achieve the most efficient, productive workforce possible, which does not always translate to a staff reduction. Recommendations could mean adding employees to certain departments to help capture lost value, thereby improving financial performance. The approach leads a custom-built solution tailored to specific company operational gaps, opportunities, and culture.

The proven methodology includes performance benchmarking, process mapping, work practices assessment, working sampling analysis, and workload assessment.

Grounded in industry best practices and a thorough analysis of both quantitative and qualitative criteria, the process is key to more effective management of staffing levels for petroleum refineries, pipelines and terminals, gas plants, chemical facilities, and power plants. 

Solomon’s workforce optimization solution does not always mean a reduction in staff; it could involve the addition of employees.

Why Choose Solomon?

How our solution stands out:

  • Our staffing assessment methodology is based on collecting empirical data from 40 years of benchmarking as well as accumulating a library of industry best practices to apply to the work.
  • Our consultants, averaging >25 years of industry experience, have walked in your shoes, ensuring practical and actionable insight. 
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