Workforce Optimization Consulting

Optimize your workforce for greater efficiency, reliability, and profitability.

Optimum staffing and sustainable performance improvement are about more than implementing a new organizational structure or changing staffing levels. The most profitable businesses focus on eliminating unnecessary efforts and improving work processes and practices, not minimizing the number of personnel.

Solomon’s Workforce Optimization solution helps you evaluate your workforce against benchmarks and best practices of industry-leading performers.


  • Leverage our trusted and proven benchmarking approach and staffing assessment methodology.
  • Gain insight from the energy industry’s largest proprietary database of performance metrics.
  • Develop a complete and accurate understanding of your current work processes and practices.
  • Identify your operational gaps and opportunities and gain insight into how to close those gaps.

Petrochemical Facility Discovered a 50M USD Performance Gap from Reliability Issues and Workforce Inefficiencies

Workforce Optimization assessment and benchmarking analysis identify areas for improvement that can significantly enhance facility's annual net cash margin and prepare it for future regional competition.

Get a Clear and Credible Roadmap to Organizational Effectiveness

Our approach will analyze both your staff and contractor work hours, along with work practices and workload assessment. Detailed process mapping and a work sampling analysis are included where needed. The result is a clear and credible roadmap of practical initiatives to help you improve your organization’s effectiveness.

  • In-depth workforce analysis for key job functions compared to top-performing competitors within the Solomon benchmarking database; develop a clearer understanding of how your workforce is different.
  • Consideration for demographic, regional, geographic, complexity, configuration, and technology factors.
  • Conduct an assessment using Best Practice Scorecards to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Evaluate your current work processes, procedures, and practices to determine your current organizational effectiveness.
  • Interview a sample of your entire workforce to review key work processes and practices within each department and determine why your staffing gaps exist.
  • Identify Quick Hits, phased staffing level targets, and priorities for implementation.
  • Present work process recommendations with detailed descriptions, best practices, data collection and best practices evidence, and the projected benefits.
  • Facilitate site sessions to discuss work process recommendations and develop action plans with implementation teams.
  • Establish recommendation acceptance through implementation planning workshops and discussions with stakeholders.

“Thank you for accepting an aggressive and demanding requests from us. It was a pleasure and privilege working with Solomon. Thanks again and we hope to work with you in the future.” Production Manager, Integrated Refining and Petrochemicals Facility

Leverage our extensive proprietary database of operational performance information of


engagements in upstream operations, refining, chemicals, polymers, gas processing, pipelines, terminals, power generation, and integrated operations for



Enabling Your Success

  • Establish the most effective, productive, and sustainable high-performance workforce and optimized organization for different stages of operation.
  • Set realistic workforce targets that meet business needs at each stage of operation, realign roles and responsibilities, and enhance employee development and contractor workforce effectiveness.
  • Reduce redundant activities and inefficiencies, make improvements to workforce efficiency and rationalization of the workforce, and execute targeted implementation of efficiency by enhancing tools and software.

Refinery to Gain Savings through Restructuring of Maintenance Work Processes

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Did You Know? … Solomon’s Workforce Optimization solution will identify opportunities that will save your organization 20 to 50 times the cost of the solution.

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