Benchmarking Power Plants & Utilities

Deep expertise, proven methodologies and decades of experience benchmarking and providing valuable insight to clients.

In the power generation industry, it is challenging to find enough resources to address all your needs. To survive, you must be able to adapt. That means being willing to change and ask yourself tough questions, such as “How can I optimize production of my current assets?”.

Solomon’s experienced professionals understand that to answer such questions and make solid, fact-based business decisions, you need accurate, detailed, high-quality data based on a long-term perspective. When you're trying to maximize your plant’s performance and optimize costs, you need data you can trust — public, high-level, or single-year data will just not do.

Complementing Solomon’s access to real-world operating data is our extensive industry experience. At Solomon, each of our consultants has more than 25 years of experience managing and directing the day-to-day operations of power generation facilities, with expertise covering every type of facility and is now applied to desalination plants as well due to their high level of energy consumption. Our consultants can help you interpret real-world data and apply it to the circumstances of your individual plant. They can also help you dig into that data, allowing you to identify opportunities to guide your planning. 

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Closing Performance Gaps

What gaps do you struggle to close? What quick and near-term actions will have the biggest impact on performance excellence and profitability? We know what good looks like… and how to get there.

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Leverage our non-pubic, real-world

operations database that includes


unit-years of power generation data.

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2022 Power Study to Feature Enhancements with a Focus on Sustainability

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Study Benefits

Insight for planning and decision support:

  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Pinpoint problem areas
  • Determine frequency of recurring events
  • Quantify lost revenue
  • Adjust plant performance targets
  • Identify resource reallocation potential
  • Optimize operations commercially
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Data Quality, Benchmarking Methodology

A Foundation for Effective Comparative Performance Analysis and Decision Support

We prioritize the integrity and confidentiality of participant-submitted data and rigorously review that data before benchmarking begins. Then, we employ our normalization process and benchmarking methodology to provide valuable and trusted peer group comparisons that deliver meaningful KPIs. Finally, our staff of senior consultants apply their deep industry experience to develop practical insight and recommendations to enable your success.

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POWER Magazine: Grid Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Projects Thrive, Workforce and Supply Chain Issues
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The Inflation Reduction Act will spur growth in clean energy and upgrades to grid infrastructure, but workforce shortages and supply chain constraints are likely to challenge power companies for at least the next year or more.

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