Coal Bed Methane Advisory Services

Improve your upstream operating practices for your coal bed methane (CBM) fields.

Many operators develop CBM operations using conventional well spacing/completion and artificial-lift practices. However, operators often find these practices are not suited for the technical challenges associated with CBM fields and result in impaired productivity or excessive downtime. Solomon’s experienced CBM consultants and data resources can help producers establish CBM-field practices that optimize field performance.

We begin with a field performance assessment of the current CBM operating cost structure (or the operating cost plan for fields in early stages of development) that is benchmarked against other CBM fields to identify areas where performance falls short. Solomon examines field performance by looking at KPIs not only on cost, but technical and production performance.

Using a detailed field-level approach, Solomon creates a field audit of practices, then identifies or confirms where “tried and tested” field practices could be introduced to improve performance. The assessment identifies specific performance gaps and quantifies the potential savings that can be realized by reducing these gaps. These recommended operating practices cover the full life cycle of CBM gas production, from wellbore design and completion practices to the de-watering process. These practices also cover solids management artificial lift, water handling, and field compression.

Solomon’s team of seasoned consultants can also forecast future operating costs and recommend appropriate changes to equipment design and contractor services as production matures.

We examine KPIs not only on cost performance, but also on technical and production performance.

What’s included?

Operating practices in:

  • Solids management
  • Artificial lift
  • Water handling
  • Field compression

Technical recommendations with respect to:

  • Geology
  • Reservoir
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Drilling and completions
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